Tips to stand out in job debut

After graduating college, the time is serious in the world of work by applying at For those of you who choose to work as an employee, there are some things to be prepared, one of which is how to stand out in your first job at a company. Keep your relationship with colleagues. After all, a colleague is your friend during the office. You can ask for help when you need help, but keep a sincere relationship, not just use others for your own sake. The first time you work, you will learn a lot at once to experience errors and rejection. There are times when ideas are rejected or your work is disliked, but all you need to do is accept and get used to rejection. You must be aware that what is done is not always true at all times and learn from the experience that has been passed.

When debuting work, prove that you can do a good job. In addition, stay humble and volunteer to help with other tasks. To guide you in your work, look for a mentor. Choose a person who is comfortable to talk to and can give support. Mentors will help you provide knowledge and assistance when experiencing difficult situations in completing the job. Keep your desk neat, update your calendar regularly, and always check email. When job matters are well organized, no information will be missed and become evidence if you can manage responsibility.