Surgical Removal For Skin Wounds

Keloid / Scar Revision is a procedure to repair and reduce the appearance of scars, correcting skin changes (defects) caused by previous injuries or injuries by removing defective skin cells. Excellent choice for anyone who has a large scar. There are two types of scars, namely Keloid, where the extent of keloid exceeds the initial wound limit, hard, can be pink or red and even brownish. Hypertrophic scar, where the magnitude does not exceed the wound limit, harder than the keloid, has an uneven surface. Done with scar removal and re-suturing with special techniques to prevent re-occurrence of unexpected keloids or scars. If the wound is too large for re-suturing, special techniques may be needed to cover the wound. You can consult with experts at Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon on this issue.

The action will vary depending on the location and magnitude of the scar, may be local or general anesthetic, depending on the decision of the surgeon and the patient’s preference. Recovery time, the swelling that appears will slowly disappear for 10 days. To reduce the swelling can be given Ice Pack every 2-3 days. The area in operation will be given Bandage to prevent re-emergence of the keloid, for 3-4 weeks. The operated area may appear red within 2-3 months but will disappear slowly. In the operated area should be applied sunblock to prevent discoloration. In some cases for better results, it takes 2 sessions where the intervals are 3-4 months per session.