Several Ways to Postpone Menstruation

There is nothing wrong if you want to stop or postpone your period from coming for a certain time. There are even several numbers of ways on how to postpone your period that you can do to help you postpone your period. You only need to do some researches to decide which way is the best way to help you stop your period from coming.

One of the ways to postpone menstruation is to eat nettle. Believe it or not, nettle has long been believed to ease menstruation and shorten menstrual periods. Sting nets can be made as a soup, but if you do not want to bother cooking it, you can also buy it in the form of supplements.

Else, you can also eat shepherd’s purse. This is another natural remedy that is believed to be able to curb menstrual flow. It is a plant that has been traditionally used to cope with the long menopause and cramping it has caused. Look for shepherd’s purse supplements in your healthcare product store.