Remove Acne with Alkaline Water

Having a clean and healthy facial skin is everyone’s wish. Various problems on the facial skin such as acne and black spots are very annoying and sometimes make the appearance to be disturbed anyway. Acne that appears on the surface of the facial skin can be caused by various things and one of them is caused by bacteria and dust attached to the skin which then clogs the pores on the skin so that the stain that we often call a pimple.

To be able to remove acne stains, a lot of care products that can cure acne. But it sometimes gives adverse side effects for other organ health. Then, did you know that there are other ways more natural and do not provide side effects in acne? The natural way is to use alkaline water. You can get alkaline water either by using a water filter for alkaline water such as the countertop water filter or buying the water from stores.

Alkaline water is mineral water which has high pH or power of hydrogen so it is alkaline. Alkaline mineral water has a better content than regular mineral water which has low pH content. High pH content in alkaline water is well known to keep the body healthy and treat a variety of diseases that can harm. In addition to benefits for the body, alkaline water also proved very beneficial in maintaining skin health including treating acne blemishes. Treating acne using alkaline water can be done by routinely consuming alkaline water as much as 8 glasses per day. Antioxidants in alkaline water can increase body resistance and fight free radicals present in the body.

In addition to regular drinking of mineral water, removing acne stains using alkaline water can also be done by routinely washing the face using alkaline water. This external treatment also helps to make self-defense against bacteria to be better so that the bacteria contained in the skin can be wasted face and make facial skin becomes more moist and luminous.